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Old thread but just read and have to answer. Women love romance. Someone to play with their hair and cook meals for them. Assertive women wanting forever want that but most dont want to sacrifice the need of possibly having ravishing tense sex by pretending we dont want all . Women need to feel delicate but firmly held while softly touched. If we dont feel that blazing combination some wont waste the time of growing to the point later. Why? Because a lot of men havent stuck through to teach, learn, or experience through with them. If a man really wants a woman he will chase after that. Most are ok with it if the man doesnt call but all want a man to be there to say I want more. Were saying you got a taste, Im sexually satisfied no matter win or loose. But we want you to say I want the romance. But thats me. I dont take my pants off unless Im feeling undenial sexual flustration with a man. I wont stay and beg for the romance. I will take that night to fuel my future days. But I want that man to say I want more n if I find it wasnt all that I still would listen and consider a mans pleas that Im what he wants. Women shouldn't chase a man unless hes your's in my opinion. Once ive fallen then I will lay at your feet begging or standing above demanding. We need that demand of need. Nowdays women have these choices. Before only branded prostitutes got to experiment if a man failed short in areas. If total seduction not achieved or demanded of by the man in their life then how is 1 to know of its existence. Shoot. Some women are still told if they enjoy sex then their whores. But today we have choices. Get ahold of a woman after the one night stand and tell her you want to know when to pull n spank or caress and hand feed her. She will listen.

December 24, 2015 - 9:30pm


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