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A woman I know at the local brewery and I have taken a year to get to know each other, and have been through a mountain of each other's bullshit. She's also a classic narcissist and wants to be wanted. When I ignore her or talk about other women, her body language increases more openly aggressive towards me. She wants to date others and I've told her to do so. But she doesn't want me to date other women. Women (like men) get to have sex with whom they want to only if the male is willing to reciprocate. The complex and sophisticated social behaviors she exhibits in attempts to control me and my amygdala tells me not to me to not engage. I may want to have sex, but I want no "relationship" with her, only friendship with the benefits of sex. She's negotiated me from day one for relationship by withholding the friendship. I am going to put this baby into a corner and leave her there until she behaves in a way I'm fine with engaging. If that never happens, so be it.

September 4, 2017 - 3:12pm


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