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I have a issue with women becoming more like men in the bedroom for one reason and one reason only. I love romance. Romance to me means that I'm not searching for a women who wants a one night stand but intimacy on a deeper more connected level. The beauty of being a romantic guy is that many of us seek for a woman who has assertiveness. I want to know what turns you on but also I want to know what makes a experience like sex more lasting, more sensual. It seems like many women are just taking the lets be more like men approach to literally. Don't get me wrong I love it when a woman speaks her mind and I'm not the type that thinks that the opposite sex should belong in the kitchen. The kitchen is where I belong. I'm going to make something to sweep you off your feet. And certain qualities that have been associated with male sexuality are good for a woman to have, like confidence and control of a situation. I even would love for a woman to be romantic back towards me.

March 17, 2011 - 3:30am


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