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Thank you for your response but i have two children 17 and 16 and NO i dont want anymore. LOL. I had a pap smear test and it came back abnormal so i did a biospy in the office which came back severe displaysia and high risk HPV. i had not had a pap in 16 years cause of not insurance. but i know i could have went to the health department so i am blaming myself for this. anyway she told me i would have to have a colobiopsy (Spelling isnt right) so i had this done and she said i had precancerous cell and needed a cone biopsy asap. so i had it and it came back it was cancer but was not invasive where it had spead any and she said she got it all. I think my depression is just knowing it was cancer and what if there is a cell she didnt get and its growing inside of me. I have to go back every three months for another pap smear for the next 2 years to keep a watch on this. Thanks for your listening ear

September 27, 2010 - 8:49am


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