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(reply to martykoenig)

Hi all, it's telephoneme- I think I started this particular post... Anyway, @Marty yr wife is NOT joking, the pain is VERY real. It took a good eight months after last year's flu shot before I could sleep OKAY and to pull a sweater over my head. For real, eight languishing months.
Did yr wife notice it was HIGH up on her shoulder, where the shot was given? ThT Wa the one thing in particular that I knew right then- this is unusual.
I had a flu shot, again at Walgreens, and TOLD HER do not go to high near the shoulder. I explained my last experience and she was clearly surprised: '...really? we r always notified through a letter and I never heard of this...' Today, I am pleased to say that although I still see a needle mark and it itches frequently, I do NOT have the pain I did from last years' one. Trust me here, your wife is NOT exGERting.

November 28, 2011 - 12:43pm


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