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For the sake of making a long story short- I too have been injured by a vaccine. It was NOT the flu shot though, it was a rabies shot. The last dose was administered too high on my deltoid muscle and I started to experience pain within an hour. After a trip to urgent care a few days later I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. I eventually went to see an orthopedic surgeon and after and MR-Arthrogram (MRI) he discovered my shoulder rotator cuff had a partial tear! So I have been on NSAIDs for weeks and we are hoping my shoulder will heal on its own without the need of surgery.
If I may chime in my two cents, I strongly believe that these shoulder injuries are not at all related to the actual serum (medication) being administered but rather the administration and placement of the vaccine on the patient. Isn't this considered negligence or malpractice as opposed to a reaction? Let's not fool ourselves... and I think that this should be brought to the attention of, well, everyone! Perhaps better training is needed... I just really think that if we all come together, maybe one of us could collect everyones stories and they can be sent to news stations around the country? I have a 3 year old child...what if this happens to him or your child? It's a little scary..

January 17, 2012 - 1:41pm


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