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I received a flu shot in early September 2011 and the shot hurt a lot more than it usually does and continued to hurt for about a month. I could not reach behind my back to hook my bra and I could not carry my children on my left side and even had difficulty lifting small objects. I finally spoke with the infection control person at the hospital where I work (where the shot is practically forced on us, they would like to make it mandatory), and after talking to other people in the hospital and finding out there were 3 other affected employees it was determined that we should all be seen by an MD in the clinic. It was determined that I have bursitis in my shoulder and I opted to have a cortisone injection. It hurt like heck but was a miracle for about 3 months. Now since the beginning of the year it has begun getting progressively worse and now it is worse than before!!! It wakes me up multiple times a night and it is so weak I can't even lift a plate or cup to put away in the cupboard. My job requires the use of both arms all day and I am trying to decide what to do. I don't want to get another steroid injection if it will only last a couple months but I am not sure what my other options are! I have heard physical therapy doesn't help. What I would really like is to have an MRI to see what kind of damage has been done but I am sure work comp wouldn't want to pay for that! :P So for all of you suffering with the same problems, don't let anyone tell you that it wasn't the flu shot! Make sure you learn your rights in this situation and if nobody listens, consider seeking legal advice! I am in month 8 since the shot and I am miserable so I don't know if it ever goes away or if it will take many more months or even years, but this SUCKS! Good luck to you all!

April 16, 2012 - 7:14am


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