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Physical Therapy DOES WORK. I am living proof of it. "I've heard that it doesn't work" -- Untrue. What Did NOT Work Was the Steroid Shot...

After suffering with a frozen shoulder for 7 months, caused by the flu shot, I finally relented & got Physical Therapy: 1 session/week, for a couple of months (Make sure you do the exercises as advised, every day). I paid off the bill slowly (they do allow payment arrangements; I paid $10/month).

My Shoulder is Perfectly Fine Now. I can sleep on that side again, I have full range of motion Without Any Pain. DON'T INSIST THAT YOU WON'T GET SOMETHING DONE BECAUSE "YOU'VE HEARD..." Check Out Reality and Get the Problem Addressed. I sat on my injury for 7 Months because I was afraid... Such a Waste of Energy. I Suffered All That Time. Totally Unnecessary. Make Sure to Get the Proper Exercises (PT) to Strengthen the area around the injury (if you do your own, you may make it worse -- which is what happened to me).

That was over a year ago, and I haven't given my shoulder another thought. Except when people mention getting the Flu shot. I absolutely refuse to get it ever again.

April 16, 2012 - 7:35pm


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