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I had the three in ine flu shot on 10/01/2012, the shot was painful, but not unusually so, it was given very high up in my right deltoid. Mt symptoms could come from any one of these posts and 8 weeks on I am in more pain than ever. I went to my doctor who basically blew off any consideration that it could have been the shot. I have never had issues with my arm or shoulder prior. He did an x-ray, which was read by another doc. It came back showing absolutely nothing but some very minor arthritis in my AC joint. I was referred to PT, which did help with mobility, if not pain relief. I work in a hospital and a nurse gave me the shot. A workers Comp case was opened for me by our HR Director who had observed the issues from the onset, the same nurse who gave me the shot handled the case. It was denied. They said I had a re-existing condition (the AC joint arthritis)
The Doc I saw called me to tell me the comp claim was denied (I already knew though) he seemed pleased that he hadn`t been proven wrong. The nurse also came to tell me the claim was denied, the smirk left her face when I told her I had hired an attorney and was appealing. She then offered me free physical therapy.....why?
The pain and loss of usage of my arm are enough, but having to defend myself to my doctor and to the health nurse was awful.
The attorney I hired was previously a micro-biologist in research. She fully believes and understands my issue. We may still loose, and I will pay the considerable health care bills I have accumulated from this shot, but having her listen, understand and BELIEVE me, has made me feel so much better already.

Good luck to all of you, I hope you find relief soon.

December 1, 2012 - 1:46pm


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