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I took my shot in around Nov 2014 and a week later I woke up in the morning feeling paralyzing pain in my left shoulder. I only feel the pain when I move my arm up or backward as if in stretching, but the pain is unbearable. Over the several weeks, it has gotten a little better, not not much. I went to see my family doctor, but he said it was from overstretching or the like (I knew he would say such from my experience with him). I'm worried the pain would go on for couple of years like the others mentioned, and who knows if there's any long term damage.

I have taken flu shots over the last 10 years and never experienced such a thing. I am not completely sure whether my shot was made too high in the arm though. I am suspecting the vaccine itself somehow was contaminated. Would that be a possibility?

January 7, 2015 - 12:08pm


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