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Wow- at least I'm not alone. Why do Dr's dismiss this so quickly, especially when we tell them that we are certain it was the shot? In my case, the MA was standing in FRONT of me and bending around to administer the vaccination. She asked me to relax my arm, so I slouched my shoulder, then she pinched my skin too high and the needle was in upper deltoid towards front. No pain at all until 2 hours later. I was not working that week when I received the shot, so I am positive there was no other cause. The Dr gave me a snide look when I declined physical therapy (I have a manual labor job- so PT does no good) and when I asked for ultrasound, he reluctantly said MRI would be the only clear indication, so I asked for MRI. He stated clearly that it was not the vaccine. That is, until the MRI results came in. He still would not come right out and say it was SIRVA, but did state "When that stuff gets in there it can cause a reaction ", then gave me a cortisone shot that instant. I'm very worried what will happen to me. I cannot work now and am waiting to see what the surgeon will do, now that PT is not helping. Geez- I really don't need this extra stress. There were warnings when RN's were phased out into Med assistants and other lesser-trained health care employees. Now look what's happening.

January 24, 2015 - 2:34pm


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