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I wrote several months ago after noticing my shoulder hurting after a flu shot. What I had forgotten was that I had overstretched after swimming laps and immediately felt a pop and sharp pain in my shoulder. I got the flu shot that day right after swimming. The pharmacist did administer the shop high up in my arm, almost in my shoulder, and the medicine burned while going in, something I'd never felt before when getting my annual flu shot. Then the pain in my shoulder grew worse over the next weeks. The doctors said it could not have been caused by the shot. The orthopedist prescribed physical therapy for six weeks, which helped immensely. So did swimming. If I do my PT exercises regularly at home, my shoulder is just fine. If I go for a week or two without it, my shoulder freezes up again. It's important to keep it moving. I finally realized that the pain was caused by my injury (also, I had overstretched my arm decades earlier while trimming trees and went to a doctor who diagnosed bursitis). I guess my shoulder pain, which still exists now, almost a year later, was initially caused by the injury. The shot probably just aggravated the inflammation from the fresh injury. As to the woman who doesn't want her child to suffer the same pain, DO get her vaccinated!! Just go with her and make sure they put the shot into the right place, not up high in the shoulder. I took my granddaughter to CVS to get her shot and explained my situation to the pharmacist. She did it right, and my granddaughter did not suffer any problems whatsoever.

October 7, 2015 - 8:33am


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