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My comment is: this has been a common complaint on this site!

I had a similar experience, and it took my arm/shoulder 6 months to feel back to normal. I started wondering if I had some permanent nerve damage, but was hesitant to talk to the nurse or doctor for fear of sounding like a hypochondriac. I did end up talking to a different nurse, showed her where the injection site was, and she agreed that this was given too high up in the arm, and was causing long-term pain (I wasn't able to sleep on my arm, or during a time when my arm moved or was elevated above my head...the sudden and sharp pain would wake me up).

Can you talk with your regular doctor or nurse about your symptoms?

Some of the comments from people experiencing this pain after flu shot did end up having a medical condition, and it was either coincidence or they were blaming the shot (when, in fact, the medical condition was exacerbating their symptoms).

My arm/shoulder did finally heal, and I thought it was so important to have another flu shot (I have an infant at home) that I received another flu shot from a trusted nurse, talked with her before the shot about my previous experience, and she actually showed me on my arm where the injection would go in (it was significantly further down from the original site, but still very high up on the arm). I had NO pain or lasting symptoms from the shot (beyond the expected few days of soreness at the site). I was ecstatic that I could get a shot and not have this pain.

Regarding your 10 year old not getting the flu shot. You may want to talk to her pediatrician about this, as she may be eligible for the flu mist instead? Just another option!

Best of luck for a quick recovery, and please let us know if you decide to talk with a nurse/doctor about your symptoms. You can read about others' experiences below:
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September 26, 2010 - 6:09am


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