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I am having a similar experience.

Two weeks ago I was in Walgreens and, hey, there was no one waiting. I figured why not. The pharamcist put his
middle fingers on my shoulder bone and then touched the area where he was to put the injection ( as if he were measuring). After a thorough cleaning, the pre-filled syringe appeared and WHAM! Right into the muscle.

I expected it to ache for a few days, but it has gotten progressively worse. In fact now, the pain appears to be in the joint space. Of course it could be a sympathetic pain, I'm not sure. I cannot raise
my arm above my navel without pain. Sleeping is crazy.

Guess it's time to go to the Ortho and find out if Walgreens is instructing their folks to inject inthe wrong site! Will post back what doc says.

September 28, 2010 - 2:50am


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