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Alison and Shim, great responses. I am one of those that avoid the DR's at all cost (thus, the no waiting at Walgreens...), so I have not consulted anyone. I can still see the injection hole, but it's not inflamed or anything. Alison, If they have the mist this year I will def. allow my kid to get that one--- I wish I had! Shim, I would love u to post on what u find out w/ Walgreens-- I pray this only last six months--- cuz I am supposing if it was no-big-deal it would have never lasted more than a few days. Stinks. Took a sleeping pill lastnight and the arm still had me up every 40 min. I put on my bathrobe this morning and OUCH!!!!!! I suppose it's better than the flu, but it seems unnecessary and unfair.

September 28, 2010 - 5:57am


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