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Thanks for adding to the post-- got an email saying their was another response. YES, I said at the time, "wow, u r injecting this a LONG time it seems." It really did not feel painful at the insertion, but I also remarked, "it feels like u put it in my bone...?" To this day -10/16/10 , long past a month and more..., I was up all night with the pain in this shoulder. I can only raise it so far; I cannot put a jacket or bra or sweater on w/o saying "OW!" and slowing it down. I called Walgreens and they said that it's a problem for my Dr and has nothing to do w/ the flu shot (B.S.). I haven't gone to the Dr... what's he going to do/say? As I type, my pain still is in constant, severe pain. Good luck w/ it and let us know what u may find out.

October 16, 2010 - 5:38am


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