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I had a flu vaccine administered at a CVS-Minute Clinic - 8/31/2010.
The following is from a VAERS report I posted yesterday, 2/15/2011 :

I have pain in my left shoulder at the sight of the vaccine injection. It radiates down my arm - my ring finger and little finger on my left hand are somewhat numb. My left shoulder's range of motion is severely limited. A stabbing pain occurs when this limited range of motion is exceeded. It feels like the needle broke off the syringe and is in my arm... though I know this is not the case.

There has been no fever, redness or discoloration at the site of the injection.

Bathing, dressing and daily activity is very limited with my left arm. Sleeping with this injury is very difficult because my arm aches in almost any position when in bed. Heavy lifting and any other type of physical activity or exercise is greatly impaired.

The pain in the muscle at the site of the injection has increased over time.
I've been taking Advil on a daily basis but it does practically nothing for my discomfort.

To date, no sign of recuperation.


February 16, 2011 - 12:02pm


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