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Changing the language of cancer is an excellent beginning for a new CMLer to start their learning process. You are never done learing about CML, as change is a constant. When someone says something about leukemia, we in the CML community want to know what kind of leukemia. I am glad that you have catagorized it, as each leukemia is different and certainly treated differently. I think the first thought I had was to go out into the community and find someone with CML to talk to, but I couldn't find anyone, and that is because it is the rarest of the leukemia groups, and only affects about 4000 people in the US every year. Only a few hundred are dying each year, which means we are living longer, thanks to the generous researchers who use their grant money to find newer treatments. Personally I would like to hear the word "cure" more often in context of learning more about new treatments, but until that comes along, we will live with the status quo. A good CML support group is the best place for a newcomer to start, as there are people who have been there and can calm your greatest fears. I found my greatest advocate online, until I could stand on my own two feet. Life goes on and you want to be there.
Excellent article, Pat.
Lottie Duthu

September 27, 2010 - 10:31pm


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