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All you complainers here of course you live absolute perfect lifes never did anything that would be consider wrong. I don´t believe that for a second so quit the hoolier than you attitude. The sex tape was used as to blackmail Gene Simmons he refused to pay and they put it up on the internet so get your facts straight.
Why are you watching it? Are some porn freak? Lets put up your own sextape and we gladly judge you. Think what you will of Gene Simmons he says what he thinks and thats not always political correct but I think thats more honest than hide what you really think as many people do. So he sleept with many women so what does that make him a lesser person? He never used alchol, drugs or smoked in his life how many of you complainers can say you never did that. So before you judge others take a long hard look at yourself first.

October 22, 2010 - 5:30pm


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