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This is good advice and it's good to get this information out there!

I want to point out one caveat...potatos are mentioned. The interior of the potato is all simple starch, but the skins have protein, fiber, and vitamins. They're also digested more slowly...so always eat potatos with the skin on, and always buy the smallest potatos possible. Small potatos are quite healthy whereas the really big ones, especially peeled, are just empty calories with a high glycemic index. Also, you can mitigate the effect of potatos by blending them (in moderation) into dishes like soups, stews, or potato salads--adding lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and seasonings.

I also want to throw out there that there are some things you can consume that have positive effects towards preventing Type II diabetes, or towards lowering blood sugar. One very widely-available beverage that has this effect is chamomile tea; there is some scientific evidence that it can lower blood sugar when it is high, and prevent some of the damage associated with high blood sugar. Another somewhat more potent herbal tea with a similar, and possibly stronger effect, is holy basil or tulsi. Like chamomile, holy basil is a relaxing, caffeine-free herbal tea, and has been shown both to lower high blood sugar, and to reduce stress as well. Especially if you drink these herbal teas unsweetened, they are an excellent option for people suffering from or at risk for type II diabetes.

November 15, 2010 - 12:50pm


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