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I really do want to work things out otherwise i would have left a long time ago. The thing is that we sit there after an arguement and promise that we are going to change and we discuss the things that we need to fix, and a few days later we are back to square one. Im not trying to put the blame all on him because i know that i need to change things to. Lately i have actually stuck to my word and stoped argueing over small things that dont need to be argued about. And my problem with him was that he isnt romantic, he doesnt take me anywhere nice, doesnt take me out to dinner, barley kisses me or has sex with me. And now the reason why we argue is i will try and sit down and talk to him about it and say that he hasnt really been trying and he will take it as a threat and say i have been trying when clearly he hasnt, its like talking to a brick wall. He is a beautiful boyfriend he doesnt do anything that he isnt supposed to do. He is mature in the way that he is almost 20 and doesnt want to go clubbing or strip clubs or whatever young people do these days, in that way i can say that he is truly amazing and i thank him for that. but i still need to feel the love at the end of the day and its just not showing as much as he says he loves me words are words and i need him to show it.

Couples counseling is a good idea although a while back we actually discussed it and we both agreed that we would go, but the cost is just to much. so i need something else for now until we can both come up with the money to do so.

November 9, 2010 - 1:50am


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