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(reply to Pat Elliott)

Thank you. We will definitely check out the sites. And we have been speaking with her Dr closely as well as a friend who teaches Sex Education. She has been doing tons and tons of reading on Genital Herpes. I will continue to encourage her to take time to deal with her emotions. She has already began to take precautions as far as her family goes, but I am worried she is not spending enough time focusing on herself.

She is not in denial, which is a good thing. But is seeking as much information on the condition as well as how to manage her health. She stayed in bed the entire next day once she found out, but bounced back immediately. Perhaps too fast. She started a new job and is smiling. But I think she is wanting to cut out relationships all together. The thing she cannot get over is that someone purposely gave her this disease that she can never get rid of. Someone she thought cared about her.

How can I be more of a supportive friend to her? I was the one who actually looked at the outbreak and we decided it was Genital Herpes and she needed to go to her Dr. And I am just letting her vent and trying to be positive, but I don't want to over step my boundaries because I do not have a long term disease so I cannot relate to her exactly.

November 10, 2010 - 8:01pm


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