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Anonymous (reply to Christine Jeffries)

Hello Christine..Thank you so much for your advice and being so caring....Well I went to my obgyn 2 weeks or so ago and she is suspecting cushings..but the good news is that she has referred me to a supposed wonderful woman endocrinologist near my home in Clinton, NJ..She has already assured me I will get the complete workup I need....To get to the bottom of why I was always so on the money with my periods..and now they have suddenly out of the blue stopped for over a yr..I hope and pray and keep my faith in a higher power that I will do whatever it takes to fullfill my dream of being a mother...Its been also very upsetting to me because I have been struggling with late stage Lyme Disease for 10 yrs...I am basically in control of the disease..but do have bad flares of the disease still once in awhile..So I have a complex medical history..But I view it as even though I am disabled..I still deserve to follow my dream of being a mother..I won't give up..I pray that I am one day blessed..I will keep you posted..Thank you so much Christine..Its nice to know there's hope and people so kind out there..Love and Light..Erin L

December 11, 2010 - 3:03am


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