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I was excited to read this article by the title alone, and was extremely disappointed by the message and content!

I am surprised that the suggestion for us to be more grateful for thanksgiving...is to look at how sad and alone someone in a nursing home may be, or to watch the news for a family in crisis or other devastating circumstance...so we feel better about ourselves.

As the author stated without mincing words, "how much better life is for you" compared to others who have been victimized by violence (an actual example given by the author), left alone and depressed in a nursing home, or devastated by a disaster.

Are you kidding?!

I would LOVE to hear from other EmpowHER women, who are able to truly feel gratitude in a healthy and loving way; not at the expense of others' misfortune.

How do YOU find gratitude for thanksgiving in positive ways?

November 23, 2010 - 3:32pm


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