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sharonnnyc - I am, to be honest, appalled by your comments. How dare you suggest that people go visit a hospice or nursing home to "get a glimpse into the lives of people who are ill." As a cancer patient the last thing that I want or need is for people to make themselves feel better by thinking they have life better than me. I also don't need someone telling me, or any other patient, that all we have to do is to decide to have a "good attitude" and go get one.

This topic is under discussion right now in a cancer workshop I'm in through Stanford University and instead of being told to put on a fake happy face the patients are getting constructive support in ways to cope with depression, stress and other issues that come with the holidays. It never occurred to us that we are like circus animals and could be used to make other people feel good.

If you'd like to write about your life, and what has worked for you, that's fine, but please do not suggest actions that demean others.

November 23, 2010 - 5:30pm


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