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(reply to sharonnnyc)

That was a wonderful response to our "critical" comments, and I am sorry if I was too blunt. I read your article, in hopes of finding some good inspiration for my family (including a 4 year old), to teach him about what Thanksgiving means.

It is difficult in this time to find true meaning, and obviously learning about "gratitude" can't come from a TV, but it is challenging to feel gratitude when we are bombarded with polar opposite messages:
1) Give-Me: Go to any department store the day-after Halloween, and find nothing but Christmas decorations and gifts and presents. No mention of other holidays, and Thanksgiving is ignored. It's the "give me" instead of the "giving" spirit!
2) It's All Bad: Turn on the TV, and the "advertising" for us to watch the evening news is primarily headlines such as: who died, what child was abducted, who was raped or murdered, who was killed by a terrible disaster. It's truly awful messages to demand our attention, rather than more of the average/day-to-day news (but, I understand that would not grab our attention).

What a world we live in! We just have to look harder with intent to find the true meaning of "giving" and "gratitude", especially for the younger members of our families.

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and thanks to sharonnnyc for being gracious.

November 28, 2010 - 9:26am


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