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Ok, how about this one? I am a married man, I love my wife madly and if I could I would make love to her every day. But at times she has distanced herself from me for long periods of time, where she will go for weeks without wanting to make love, and I even feel uncomfortable asking. I even asked if she would give me a hand job and she refused. So, I did masturbate, when she asked if I did I admitted to doing it, and hurt her feelings. I understand if she physically or emotionally cannot have sex, and I will not force her to, nor will I ever cheat on her. But, some men need to ejaculate at least once every week to ten days or so, otherwise we start feeling anxious...it is something women will never understand, but guys reading this will relate...honestly, how long can you go without ejaculating? I feel my wife is holding my penis hostage...if she does not want sex, fine, if she does not want to give me a hand job (really, thats all she would need to do to keep me happy) I feel she has no right to be upset if I masturbate. It is not like I am cheating on her with another woman. Some guys will do that. I will not. Any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

September 23, 2016 - 4:58pm


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