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Don't know if your male or female. But if you are a female I can believe how you all consider yourselves so enlightened and yet are willing to be sold a bill of goods. Of course most psychologists are male society keeps telling women this is normal. Good. And even beneficial and if you feel bad you are the one with the problem. Maybe this worked back in the pioneer days but I can't believe this is still working in this day and age. Men in a community toted relationship DO NOT have to masturbate. They just want to watch other people having sex (via porn) and imagine themselves participating or do the same in their fantasies where they often think about having sex with a multitude of other women. THIS IS INFIDELITY WITHOUT THE PENETRATION. if you women are ok with this you have no self respect and men will always have control over you. Stop buying into this garbage. You deserve more

September 29, 2016 - 4:57am


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