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I really need your comments.....
I have the same problem with my husband..i did and give everything he want about sex but still he love to musterbate in the shower..i really feel so bad because after I done everything he want me to his still doing it..when I ask him he will lied to me that he didn't do it...but I know his doing it..when it become a big problem and arguments between us he admitted that's he did..as a wife I will have a feeling when his doing something or trying to full me around..maybe he can lied to me but my feelings won't.. I'm a kind of person that I can understand why..im try to understand...if I didn't give when he want to have sex with me or I didn't do what he ask me to do..its fine I can understand why he need to musterbate..but the thing is I did everything..but why he still doing it..i feel really hurt then I don't think I can have the same sex life with him..his more on porn video than touching me...i really feel so insecure...
You tell anything wrong with me?
I really need your comments...

September 29, 2017 - 10:17pm


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