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The answer to this question is not simple. But, in the USA, stressful work or too much work IS THE MAIN reason (there are many other major reasons as well) that I've seen that people are not having sex or even going out. It's so bad in some cities of the US that some have little more than Easter and Christmas off and one day a week off...and this goes on for decades and this kills sex drive and romance. Even having kids does not kill romance and sex like demanding hours or a stressful job(s). Some people have learned how to deal with work stress far better than most, but these people are rare. And it's not the bosses who are real stressed usually--the boss can play the back 9 or take it off to sit in the sauna any day of the week if he or she wants...if the typical person did this, they'd be fired nearly immediately. Not to mention, often the typical person is working more than one job here because the first main job does not pay the bills. (I myself will die broke before I work a full time and part time job, because overwork also destroys health quickly and I've seen it to so to many who did it.)

March 19, 2016 - 1:14pm


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