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I am so frustrated. As a woman, I read this and want to yell, "Grow up" to some of the men's excuses and realize your sexual partners are not going to mother you into sex. We women have all the same stressors, insecurities and physical limitations. Men, your ego is too wrapped up into your sex life. Sex is a natural existence not to be over thought. It just is. Relax. As women, we communicate. We can express our needs and desires and even better we can LISTEN and RECIEVE your's without judgement. If we make a noise you don't like, tell us? We are not mind readers. Communicate!

Seriously, several of the comments from men show they need professional help. So man up, and go get it. It will benefit you and your partners. As a woman, I've been molested as a child and got professional help and now have normal sex desires and understanding. I have for many years.

There is no excuse for a man to not pleasure his partner even if they aren't wanting to have intercourse. It's selfish to think otherwise. Plus, you might just find you like it. ;)

April 8, 2016 - 6:23pm


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