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This is a great reminder! I personally know that as I age, I have come to realize that I'm getting too old to chase people around to be my friend. If friends aren't good at keeping in touch, I now may let them fall by the wayside and instead focus more attention to the people who are active participants in my life. It is particularly applicable when I travel home to visit family. I used to feel like I had to look up all my old close friends, and I would be a terrible person if I didn't call and let them know I was coming to town. Now I may post a notice on Facebook that we're coming to town, and if anyone responds, we may set up a time to get together, but we no longer run ourselves ragged trying to see everyone. It can be exhausting and unnecessary. Thank you for putting this in writing for everyone to consider.
warmest regards,

December 30, 2010 - 1:26pm


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