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I have had fibro for a very long time, it took about 5 years to even get a diagnosis. I have done physical therapy as well as Cymbalta (which worked very well for me) and an assortment of other meds, when I found that I have liver damage from all the medications I was taking, I weaned myself off of everything.I take Lortab (hydrocodone) when I have flares and try to manage the rest of the time on my own. Its tough, but the hardest thing I think for any of us with fibro is the depression that goes along with it and keeping a positive attitude, especially since fibro doen't travel alone, it brings a multitude of "friends", IBS, Fibro Fog and others..Just Hang in there, the National Fibro Assoc., and others are making great strides to help us all. Thanks

October 27, 2011 - 7:40am


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