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Whoa, I can see we have stirred the pot of controversy here and I assume some people have their google alerts set to pick up articles on circumcision. I am not going to go rounds and rounds on this topic. There are studies to support that circumcision prevents HIV transmission and other diseases.
(there are 42 articles on their source list)

You are against this. You want your voice heard. We hear you.
I write articles that present reputable scientific data in studies. I may or may not support what the studies show but I made sure to cover the part I was most curious about. Why should circumcision make a difference?

In terms of your question about labiaplasty and lower HPV transmission rates to men,
"HPV infection is found in about half of all penile cancers." per

However, as I stated in my article HPV is the cause of virtually all cervical cancer. The risk is considerably greater.

BTW, also from this same cancer.org source.
"Circumcision seems to protect against penile cancer when it is done shortly after birth. Although men who were circumcised as babies have a lower chance of getting penile cancer than those who were not, studies looking at this issue have not found the same protective effect if the foreskin is removed later in life. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but may be related to other known risk factors."

Healthcare is all about risk versus benefit decisions. Typically, no choice is totally satisfactory but it is determined to be the best decision based on the data we know.

January 26, 2011 - 8:42pm


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