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Anonymous (reply to Michele Blacksberg RN)

Comparisons to the Netherlands show circumcision does nothing for penile cancer. Of course penile cancer is very rare and the circumcision complication rate is higher then the penile cancer rate. It is a very foolish concept to cut off erogenous tissue for a child and take the related pleasure away for life with a vague hope to avoid a minor risk 80 years later. Studies throughout the US, Europe Aus and N.Z. show no reduction in STDs due to circumcision. The real reason HPV has been brought up so many times is it is a useful tool for doctors to use to intimidate mothers (who have been abandoning circumcision in the USA in droves) to have their sons mutilated. Hopefully, America's parents will see through the cynical greedy ploys of these "scientists", and end male genital mutilation once and for all.

January 27, 2011 - 7:06am


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