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Hello Kathy,

I am sorry that you are feeling that way. Like you I have experienced the same symptoms, based of my personal experience it seems like you may have some kind of social anxiety. I don't feel like people are thinking of me at the mall, but I feel this way when I am socializing with a group of people, I feel that if I walk away for any reason they will start talking about me. As much as I tell myself that is all in my head, it is still there. I also suffer from PMDD. I was recently put on Celexa along with talk therapy once a week and I feel great so far. I was very nervous at first about having to find a therapist, so I started doing online therapy and luckily my therapist is also in my town. You should discuss your symptoms with your doctor and you should give talk therapy a chance. You can find some online therapy here http://www.online.therapyhub.com/?affid=121888. The first time I went there, I was able to talk to a therapist for free. I hope this helps and good luck, keep on keeping on!!!

April 5, 2012 - 10:08pm


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