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I'm also 22 I'm married with a 1 year old! The past couple of months I'm moody want to spaz out on my husband for the simplest of things and I'm extremely stressed out with work. I also started to notice sometimes when I want to laugh I cry instead and start to feel very sad at times! Around friends yes I feel nervous but I moved states two years ago so I'm still warming up to friends. I also have ADHD So I think it may have some thing to do with this being a slight mood disorder as they come along with ADHD. I believe WE as being a grounp of 18-25 year olds might have a slight chemical imbalance. Birth control can cause too much hormones! I feel EXTREMELY exhausted all the time but I have zero time to get to a DR and also believe in natural remedies....... BUT considering how bad it's gotten for me ladies get to the dr it's not right to hurt the people around us just because we don't know what's wrong with us! I hope we can all Get some help! For me I'm making an appointment for my dr next week and going to try therapy. If you can't afford therapy I would get a journal and write down all your feeling because no one enjoys three page text messages venting about something no one not even ourselfs understand! Best wishes ladies I pray we all find out own remedies!

May 1, 2016 - 9:29am


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