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Hello ladies,
I know its been a couple of weeks but thought I would update you on my progress to healing. My gynae said that on examination I was sore and inflamed, he says this was due to lack of oestrogen from the provera tablets and said to come off the progestrone and use oestrogen cream and ammitriptyline. He also suggested a blood test for my hormones. This test has come back normal and to be honest the cream wasnt really doing anything but I did definately notice an improvement when I went on the ammitriptyline (50mg at night) My mood has dramatically changed, I can function again, no more tears and feeling pretty 'normal'. I do still have a bit of pain at night and irritation through the day but much much better. I also have no pain during sex or urination. I mentioned vulvodynia to my doc but he thinks its not this, more hormone related. I'm not convinced, I don't think hormones can be so bad that you are unable to wear underwear? Why are so many doctors reluctant to diagnose vulvodynia? I was also interested to hear Lyrica tablets can help this problem? Are they safe? Do they work? Thanks for listening. Just happy to be alot more pain free albeit not quite cured yet:) I'm also going to try acupuncture. Will keep you posted xx

February 21, 2011 - 10:52am


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