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It sounds like you may be describing a hymenal tag. In slang it's call a "p***ytongue". I have seen sites on tumblr dedicated to this in a porn way, definitely NSFW and over 18 only. But very instructive.

Hymenal tags are perfectly normal. If there is no pain but just a tag then you are fine and a friend may think it very sexy. If it causes pain then definitely see a doctor — but remember doctors are often ignorant of the finer points of women's bodies. Ask an experienced woman about this. Sad but true. Also, doctors are in business to charge you for a procedure like 'snipping' it off. Painful and expensive and unnecessary!!!! (Unless it really is causing pain.)

Before doing anything else I'd advise anyone over 18 to simply scroll through one of the NSFW sites and see. Lots of mainstream porn stars and amateur models and normal women have them!

F26 - hymenal tag owner

October 13, 2017 - 11:56am


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