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So to me the flesh you describe that goes vertically over your vagina is a septate hymen if you look it up and it is what you may have then yep that is a septate hymen for ya and you say there is a wall stopping you from having intercourse that is your hymen that the dude you are with will have to break through intercourse to rid of the wall like feeling you have so basically the man has to push his penis into the wall that is the hymen enough so that it breaks wich may hurt and yes you will have to get him to break it in order to get pregnant I’m 14 and I do a lot of research on this stuff so I know what I’m talking about haha and I’m a virgin but I actually wasn’t born with a hymen I was born with a septate hymen and it seems you have both! That is very normal and I actually got my Tampon stuck on my septate hymen so I’m actually hopefully going to get my septate surgically removed hopefully if my mum says so i hope I made sense and helped you out I love helping others and knowing about the human body so thankyou.

December 10, 2017 - 7:00am


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