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Sorry girls but I’m a nurse and first of all you shouldn’t be having sex if your 14!! Your still only kids your reproductive system is still growing with you if you can’t afford to go to the doctor you shouldn’t even be having sex cause like we all know if haveing sex or unprotected sex causes children common sense and well we all know baby’s arnt cheap can’t afford dr what makes you think you can afford a kid and that would be crazy a kid raising a kid smh please be smarter sex isn’t just for pleasure and it’s not for everyone especially if you still a teen Finnish school and focus on studies maybe that will help you ladies out there just because your friends are doing u have to do it also?! No no give it time u will get to do all you want as an adult and a good career that my opinion and word of advice those boys having sex with you only want sex I’m 27 and been there good luck ladies.

June 28, 2019 - 10:24pm


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