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Hi Kumar,

Here is the response from our expert:

"I don't have any other ideas to add to those of her physicians.
Pituitary tumor is the main "rule-out" and it looks like that's been
Dr. Sarrel"

As far as pain goes, have you considered asking her doctor for something that is stronger? Since her current medications don't seem to be helping? Sometimes they will also give patients certain medications that can be controlled by the patient although those are usually IV meds and I'm not sure if she may need a home nurse for that. Have you considered that? I'm sorry I'm not much help, I wish there was a magic wand to relieve pain but unfortunately, there isn't. Trying to keep her as comfortable as possible with meds, decreased stimulation, and distractors is the best I can think of if the other is not an option.

February 12, 2011 - 7:03am


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