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This was a good try, however your article falls short in many areas.

There are an estimated 70 million women world wild that suffer with this disease, no one demographic or race is more prone to it then another. To trivialize the disease by simply saying it can be managed through surgery & hormone therapy which can help manage pain, fails to enlighten your reader that with hormone therapy comes an even bigger can of worms, side effects, and long term complications. Hormone therapy is not yet an exact science, and so women who agree to this in desperation can often find themselves in a much worse case after having gone through them trial and error. With surgery, there is the added risk of adhesions & scar tissue which provides Endometriois implants more opportunity to hide themselves.

One of the biggest hurtles when writing accurately about Endometriosis is that there has been very little research done, much of it is inconclusive and still the medical community is surrounded by question marks as to how Endometriosis develops and how best to manage it since as of now there is no cure.

Every woman's experience with the disease is different, and the amount of the disease has no impact or connection to the amount of pain or symptoms a woman can experience. Which complicates the research and science of observation further.

When the author was doing their research I suspect that they found a lot of information even from medical institutions that contradicted it's self. This is not the author's fault, however there are foundations, associations, and institutions who are dedicated to supporting both the medical community and those with the disease, they are on the forefront in raising funds and awareness so that further research can be done, and so that eventually one day the research is conclusive, the disease is understood, and there is a cure for all 70 Million women. I suggest that in the future the author take advantage of these expert groups and use them instead as their primary research resource.

That being said thank you for raising awareness and broaching the topic, however in the future please do not give definitive answers where there are none - the cancer study is not yet conculsive as an example, and giving this information out just makes living with the disease and questions it raises from friends and family all the more difficult to deal with.

Laurie Haughton
Ottawa, ON Canada
diagnosed with Endometriosis 2005

February 16, 2011 - 5:51pm


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