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LCHF Low Carb High Fat diet (or Keto Diet) helps me for my AN on the neck and other parts of my body. I had AN since child and never knew it was because insulin resistant. Until I'm diagnose with Type 2 Diabetes (no medication, just go on Keto and manage to see lowering blood glucose, expect to see lowering A1C test in November, we'll see). I went on Keto and lost 36 lbs in two months, and then I realized my dark skin on my neck and inside my elbow is lighter and almost gone, still some at back of my neck and armpit. My psoriasis /Eczema clear up a lot, still some on my scalp but much better now. I guess I'm just not the type who could splurge on eating carbs and sugar and still be thin and healthy...if you are like me, please I sincerely encourage you to check out Keto Diet and think about going into it. It is restrictive but only on the carbs side...it is not hard for me personally as I don't really enjoy sweets anyway (luckily), but I missed bread so I made my own version of low carb bread, taste almost the same. I'm not saying this will help anyone but just want to share this information from personal experience and hope to help someone in need. Good luck!

September 8, 2017 - 8:18pm


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