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Thanks to all who have written to me about CRNAs. I've looked at some documents covering the standards of education, care etc that the profession ascribes to and they are indeed admirable. I have no trouble believing that CRNAs are as qualified to administer anesthesia than MD anesthesiologists.

What influenced me to write what I did is that every surgeon I know has expressed a preference for physician anesthesiologists. Not one surgeon has said anything negative about CRNAs; what they have mentioned to me is their belief that in an emergency situation, an MD may have a broader skillset and additional training that would be of use.

Now, you may very well disagree with that too! And I'm not saying it's true. I don't know that there are any absolutes here.

Having heard from "the other side," and read more, and realizing that this issue is perhaps somewhat political, I will take care with my phrasing in the future.

May 11, 2011 - 10:51am


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