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I have been reading all this and feel the same way, radiation has become SOP, I disagree and think it has become something they demand and is not for them to do so. I had invasive ductal cancer, her positive, do not have genes, had lumpectomy clear margin, sentinel lobes clear, I have implants and radiation will burn them up along with me. Have severe asthma and radiation will hurt my lungs. I am refusing, had to say no but promise I would think about it or they would not do my lumpectomy So it's done and they can not force me. I will not do it. One day when they come up with better treatments okay for now not way. if you have radiation you can not have it again, If you have radiation you can not have reconstruction with implants, YOu re left with flap surgery, lost muscles in stomach and horrible scars inside then outside. NO way for me. Good luck in your desicsions. read and don't let these doctors bullyyou.

November 8, 2013 - 4:04pm


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