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I suffered with this in 2013. It came on for no reason. I was put on 100 mg IC Gabapentin and it seemed to fix the problem completely. I went all of 2014 once again systom free. This year, I went to Costa Rica in February and did get sun exposure. It has now been 6 weeks that I have once again found myself suffereing from it. I am back on the IC Gapentin, however, it has not gotten rid of the problem as of yet. My doctor has increased the dose and I am so frustrated as there seems no 'sure way' to know what triggers it. I live in the Boston area so I have not been exposed to any sun since February. I can go a few days without any itching and then BOOM...it comes on full force and drives me totally crazy for several hours at a time. I do, then, put on ice and it does help. I think it just freezes the arm and the nerves and that is why the relief. I just wish I knew if there was another way that it is triggered. I just turned 55 and had never had this problem until recently. Like I said at the beginning, the thing that makes NO sense to me is why after I suffered for one whole summer, why the next year I was totally symtom free only to be once again feeling like this is controlling my life. It is not only extremely itchy but painful and I feel like my arm is like leather as I scratch it so much. HELP!

April 6, 2015 - 12:24pm


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