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Hello, I suffered from this for more that 2 years and i drove me mad. I went, on recommendation from a friend, to a "healer" and he just put his hands on my back (I was lying down) I went into a kind of sleepy or relaxing "trance". I have to say I had really weird half dreams and experiences during this session. I had a few sessions and the icing went away. I wasn't really sure what he did until my wife started getting in Bio Energetic Healing and through this, I realized this was what he was doing.
This was 3 years ago and since then my wife treated me but only a few times, and I haven't had a recurrence. But she treats me regularly for various things. She uses methods from, Frank Kinslow (QE), William Bengston ((Energy Healing), Ursula Fallet (ENKOMP), Touch For Health, Innerwise.
If you can find someone who practises Bio Energetic, give it a try. Another method is Cranialsacral.
I also found this link - https://www.drbaileyskincare.com/info/blog/post/a-new-explanation-for-intensely-itchy-arms
This has confirmed my original suspicion that it was connected with my back problems and aggravated by the sun.
Good luck

June 12, 2016 - 10:20am


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