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I'm so relieved to have found this article. I live in England but two years ago changed my lifestyle and now spend much of the winter in sunny South Africa. This itching is a new phenomenon for me. The first attack was in South Africa and I thought it must be insect bites but how could it be without any physical evidence? The itching affects the elbow end of the forearm and sometimes it feels like tiny needles are piercing the skin. I had another attack in South Africa this last winter and a few days ago, here in England's summer, it flared up again hence my search for an explanation. I haven't had back or neck problems but I do have the red hair gene that makes my skin more susceptible to sun damage. No one else has mentioned this but I do wonder if it's a factor. But why just the forearms? That makes no sense. My shoulders get more sun. I shall try all the solutions mentioned and try to resist scratching!

July 29, 2016 - 1:14am


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