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I have been suffering from my arms itching for over 10 years, it gets so painful to be honest it feels like bugs or sometimes bee's stinging and biting me from the inside of my arms :( the only thing that helps to calm it down is having my arms packed down with ice and usually it is at night time, if I am exposed to sunlight my skin will sometimes Crack open and bleed, also if I get my nerves so rattled up the itching becomes intense, I have been to many hospitals saw many many different doctors and dermatologists, I also saw neurologist that have claimed that this is all in my head :( I have had many different creams prescribed that never had no effect on my problem. I have had biopsy on my arms I have been tested for many things and there have never been any answers to why this is happening. July 1st , 2006 my daughter took me to the tanning bed Salon because I was getting married in one week the lady said she would set the timer for 5 minutes because I have very very fine skin well I went into the tanning room late on the tanning bed the fan was on music was playing and I kind of fell asleep the lady in the front was on the phone with someone for all that time she had forgotten to set the timer I must have laid back there for over 30 minutes it took me 2 months to not look like a lobster anymore one week after the tanning bed or deal and I've got married I began to start its in my arms severely at night every night it was the same thing then I decided to put some cold ice on it and once a month my arms the pain was gone but if I was to lay in bed and put the covers on one and get too hot the same thing happened again I needed to get up and get ice it has been over 10 years now and I am still suffering with the same problem having to put ice on my arms every night I can not go to the beach and enjoy a fun time with my kids or grandkids I am limited when it comes to going outside and being in the sun I wish that I could find a doctor that can prescribe something to help me so I will be able to enjoy life again and go outside with the kids I just felt like I needed to share my story I am so tired of living this way please God let them find a way to come up with a solution for my problem... Christine

August 22, 2016 - 1:54pm


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